Books by Dr. Judy Pearson

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Improve Your Writing with NLP All writers will love this book that teaches how to apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming to the writing process. Whether you are beginner or a published author, you’ll immediately grasp the value of NLP, because this book makes  NLP easy to understand. This book models the mechanics of writing by combining the NLP POWER Process with the Disney Creativity Model, showing readers how to access the optimum mindset for each stage of the writing process. With this book you will blast through writer’s block and develop a tenacity for getting words onto a page. This is the psychology of effective writing! Buy it here.
Why Do I Keep Doing This!!?The self-help book will teach you how to use self-hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for developing good habits, confidence, and self-motivation. Learn step-by-step processes for weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress management, pain relief, overcoming anxiety, defeating procrastination, and getting a good night’s sleep. This book is filled with helpful tips as well as an audio hypnosis CD to teach you the steps for self-hypnosis. Buy it here.
The Weight, Hypnotherapy and You Weight Reduction Program Manual This is a practitioner’s manual for hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners who want to adapt Dr. Pearson’s 8-session weight reduction program in their own practices. You don’t need to take another training program, get another certificate, or buy extra equipment. You’ll find everything you need (including instructions, scripts, office forms, session templates and a client workbook) for this proven program in this single book. Buy it here.
Stop Arguing: Easy Conflict Resolution for Couples – a Kindle ebook A quick guide for couples on how to stop arguing and turn disagreements into win-win solutions. Learn how to surface a problem, listen, fight fair, and reach workable agreements. Buy it here on Kindle.