Hire me as your copyeditor and proofreader.  I have experience writing and editing in content areas such as naval history, psychology, humanities and liberal arts, communication skills, self-help, human interest, speech-writing, association activities, biography, memoir, philosophy, and spirituality. I have worked with non-fiction writers and publishers in both the UK and US. While I am familiar with the AP Style Guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the style guides for the American Psychological Association and the Modern Humanities Research Association, I can adapt my work to any style guide you (or your publisher) choose.


Co-editor: Trafalgar Chronicle, published by Seaforth Publications, England for The 1805 Club (2019 to 2024, under contract).

Copyeditor: International Journal of Naval History, published online by the Naval Historical Foundation (2020 to present)

Copyeditor and Contributor: Newsletter of the Naval Order of the US (2016 to present).

Proofreader, Horatia’s Secret by Lily Style (2020).

Proofreader, Copyeditor, and Co-indexer: A Hard Fought Ship, 3rd ed. by Robert Moore and John Rodgaard, Holywell Publishing, St. Albans, England (2016).

Proofreader: From Across the Sea, by Sean Heuvel and John Rodgaard (eds) Helion Press, Warwick, England (2019).

Peer Reviewer and Contributor: Acuity Journal (2016 – 2018).

Project Manager/Writer/Editor: US Air Force Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (a full-time salaried position; 2000 – 2004).


I have published three books with Crown House, Ltd, Bancyfelin, Wales:

  • Improve Your Writing with NLP
  • Why Do I Keep Doing This?
  • The Weight, Hypnotherapy, and You Weight Program practitioner’s manual.

I have self-published one ebook: Stop Arguing: Conflict Resolution for Couples.

I have published articles in these magazines, newsletters, and journals:

  • The Toastmaster (Toastmasters International)
  • Anchor Point (Journal of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Rapport (Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Kedge Anchor (The 1805 Club)
  • Acuity Journal
  • The newsletter of the Naval Order of the US. 
  • Business Coaching Journal
  • Interlink (National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists)
  • Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Today’s Woman
  • Best Business Articles
  • Journal of the American Counseling Association
  • Personnel and Guidance Journal

I have posted online articles in these blogs:

  • Best Business Articles
  • Expert Beacon
  • Your Tango
  • Len Saunders

I’d love to put my skills to work for you! Contact me for more information. Your message matters!